About Fast Forward

A collaborative initiative of Skåne's most creative people & businesses

The organizations involved in the FFWD Group represent the diverse and evolving start-up culture in Skåne. This region has always held its own as a unique and forward thinking community within Scandinavia. Firmly rooted in our heritage, yet never afraid to make the leap into new frontiers, Skåne now more than ever is a place for advancement and development for brave ideas.


Ranging from intricate handmade textiles and furniture to some of the most advanced conceptual sound engineering, the members of FFWD use the techniques of new and old in harmony to develop thought provoking products and services. We create out of passion and love, which in turn results in products and services that are truly one of a kind. As a unified group, FFWD aims to collaborate and create with the international community, one city at a time.


The FFWD group includes, but is not limited to: designers in the fields of fashion, textiles, print, web, accessories, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, investors, sound branders, interior designers, and a few other creatives thrown in for good measure. In short, we feel that we represent the unique and diverse nature of Skåne (something which Berliners will no doubt find relatable).

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About the event

"This event will focus on the person-to-person connection, rather than the cliche of business-to-business. After all, it's the personal aspect of business that solves problems and creates opportunities."

In January, the FFWD collective will be throwing an event in Berlin!

This event will be the first step in attracting genuine Berliners to the Skåne market for collaboration and investment. The theme is simple and honest: “Skåne loves Berlin"


The purpose of this event is to showcase, in an honest and innovative way, how Skåne and Berlin can work together to create awesomeness. The event itself will be focusing less on physical products and more on creating a good experience for our friends and guests.

Communicating what makes Skåne different  will be crucial in appealing to the  Berlin community. Focusing on subtile values and cultural aspects to inspire visitors and create relations to want to work with Skåne companies and industry.


We want to give something to the Berlin, instead of just taking up space.

And do it through a combination of happening, food, drinks, live music, audio / video, interaction interior decor, textiles, printed promotional material, and by BEING awesome!


We want to give a special thanks to the Embassy of Sweden to Germany for their support in this event.

Sunday the 18th of January 18:00

Spreegalerie Alexanderplatz, c/o The Old Mint On Am Krögel 2
Music - Elen, TULA & Frida Öhrn

DJ & vinyl set - Edgar Ariza & Aron Mody

Thank you for coming!

My Berlin Fashion

Swedish Embassy

Masha Bender

Pandora Investment


Histrionics Media

And many more...

Companies involved

Sustaintive Studio



Working with sustainble communication and branding. Aiming to build eco-systems between customers, companies and communities

Linagustaf is a passionate graphic designer with expertise in patterns and prints. She delivers clear, stylish and vivid products

Linda Vasel, Swedish fashion designer & founder of the womenswear brand VASEL, creating limited series of exclusive, sharp-tailored garments

Lite Kalabalik

Mirror Music

Swedish Ninja

Lina Andersson and Malin Wiker Berg designs a mix of the very latest in accessories and furnishings from the metropolis of Istanbul to
New York

Mirror Music creates strong connections between people and their surroundings through designed sound and music. We reflect reality through music!

The Ninja and founder of Swedish Ninja, Maria Gustavsson started in 2007 and has since designed furniture an interiors for people to fall in love with!

Nerdy By Nerds



Our tailors and seamstresses at our shop-factory in Malmö are able to handcraft jeans that fulfill your vision, right in front of your eyes!

By MUTTI is a new Swedish porcelain brand founded by Eva Gernandt who wants to combine the best of handicraft and industrial production!

Jewelry for those who want something beautiful and different. Sophisticated elegance expressed in an unique way, in a style that echoes the nature!

Our organizers

Media Evolution

Creative Plot

We are a media cluster and a member organization that works to strengthen innovation and growth within southern Sweden's media industries.


The Creative Plot is a platform, an umbrella project, an initiative, an ideas factory, an incubator and much more.

The future is here. We firmly believe that the society of tomorrow is about transparency, participation and innovative collaborations. By connecting our member organisations, that operate at the forefront of digitalisation, with the traditional industry we make this possible. We offer physical and digital meeting spaces and venues, competence development and other market creating activities such as 'matchmaking' and process design for collaborations across disciplines and industries. The development moves faster than ever and Media Evolution strives to be on top of it.


This is Media Evolution

We are a unique platform with the aim to digitize society. We are many - we have 400 members, large and small. We complement each other - we work in the media industries, in different ways. We are open - we want to work convergently and develop across industry boundaries. We stand for collaboration, change and innovation.


What we do

We want to open your eyes to the digital changes in the world. We will pursue pioneering projects to create new markets for the media industries and for our members. We will also work to position Skåne and Blekinge as a forward-looking and innovative region that contributes to an open, tolerant and sustainable society.


Our 3 business areas

In order to organize effectively and to achieve our vision, we run projects and provide services aimed at strengthening the growth of media industries within 3 business areas.

We have a plan. Allied with curious and ambitious friends we’re creating a brand new creative hub in Lund.

A place where the creative sector develops strong ideas together with academia and businesses, and where the results contribute to society in different ways.


That is s why we explore and encourage new ways of working together, and sharing knowledge. And that’s why we are always looking for new allies, partners and friends. Creative entrepreneurs, brave companies, curious scientists and passionate organizations are encouraged to join The Creative Plot, an initiative by the Cultural and Economic Development departments of the City of Lund.


The Creative Plot at Ideon Innovation is a pilot incubator for the culture and the creative sector. We are located at Ideon Science Park, where we are helping companies to further develop their business ideas into sustainable businesses. During a twelve months period the selected entrepreneurs will customize their unique business strategies together with our business coaches. At Ideon Science Park they have access to a creative office environment, extensive national and international networks, courses and seminars, media training and contacts with strategic partners.


Our goal with the project is to increase the number of companies within the culture sector and the creative business that are innovative, economical viable, sustainable and competitive on a national and international level.

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Do you have a good idea, or want to cooperate with us or simply give us a challenge. Either way, you are always welcome to get in touch with us.


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This is only the beginning...

As this project takes flight and begins to snow ball, we look to two more cities we hold dear to our hearts and creative souls. We're hungry for more...

next stop, London!

A collaborative initiative of Skåne's most creative people & businesses